Our commitment to safety is unwavering and it is the core of everything we do. The RLC safety program goes far beyond FAA requirements and is powered by the RLC Safety Management System, a proactive program used to identify and mitigate hazards upstream to an event.

The RLC safety department is headed by Tasha Louviere, Vice President of Safety and Compliance. Tasha has over 17 years of experience in all areas of risk management, loss control, regulatory compliance, safety programs and strategic planning, bringing our customers extensive safety, maintenance and quality expertise.

We are proud that our safety accomplishments have been acknowledged by the industry as well as our customers. Most recently, we were awarded the Helicopter Association International’s (HAI) 2011 Operator Safety Award. HAI acknowledged RLC for its outstanding 2011 safety record of 115,000+ accident-free flight hours. And we are honored that our customer PXP awarded us the California Offshore Safety Excellence Award for 2010. This award recognizes PXP vendors and contractors who have met the highest levels of safety in their respected divisions.