RLC’s operations center is the hub for our advanced flight following program, which uses a satellite-based system featuring a Web-based interface. This allows for helicopter tracking from any computer with an Internet connection, enabling clients to track their assigned helicopter and thereby improve operational efficiencies. It also provides instantaneous visual readouts and essential data reporting for each helicopter while delivering FAA-certified data and voice solutions for customized safety and event reporting.

RLC’s dispatch center uses Telex consoles to remotely control VHF Radio equipment that is strategically placed offshore to communicate with all aircraft. Microwave and satellite circuit providers RigNet and AutoComm systems deliver robust connectivity from our dispatch centers to the offshore radio equipment.

RLC also utilizes onboard satellite tracking equipment in all of its aircraft to provide near real-time visual tracking of RLC aircraft. Aircraft status is constantly monitored on two large LCD displays using mapping software by BlueSky. In the rare event of an electrical utility failure, RLC’s operations dispatch center has full power backup capabilities via a 25KW electrical generator.

Our integrated aviation weather solution uses a three-tiered system for operational control based on flight conditions, further enhancing our ability to provide our passengers with the safest, most efficient and most reliable air transportation.