RLC’s end-to-end maintenance infrastructure equips us to keep our customers moving and handle any issues that come up with the utmost efficiency, expertise and care. As an FAA Approved Repair Station, Bell Fleet Service Center and Rolls Royce Fleet Operator, we offer customers in-house capabilities in engine, component, sheet metal and composite, paint prep, paint, hose and line, battery, hydraulics, calibration, avionics and wiring, hangar assembly, and NDT. We maintain a 10,000-square-foot parts department with over 30 million dollars in inventory stock. Our talented labor force includes approximately 100 FAA-certified Airframe and Power Plant Technicians (A&P) with an average of 12 years of practical, hands-on experience. These technicians are supported by a cadre of skilled individuals who specialize in parts, paint, sheet metal, component overhaul and engine repair.



• CASS (Continued Analysis Surveillance System) Committee – Management tool to analyze any trends within the fleet and maintenance operations.

• Daily Safety Meetings – Conducted at all bases by lead mechanics.

• Engine Test Cell – Designed to detect engine performance anomalies, upstream of installation and ensure engines are operating at peak performance.

• Engine Vibration Spectrum analysis – Enables early detection of component deficiencies before they fail. Conducted on a recurring basis on all RLC engines.



Bell Fleet Operator
Rolls-Royce Fleet Operator
Garmin Service Center