• RLC maintains the Bell 206 series aircraft and Bell 407 aircraft using an FAA Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP). The program on both the Bell 206 series & Bell 407 aircraft consists of 6 events.

• Each event is performed at 150 hour intervals; after event‐6 is completed, then the cycle begins again with event‐1. These events are compiled from the manufacturers recommended maintenance procedures or other sources of approved data.

• RLC maintains the Sikorsky S76 aircraft under a CAMP (Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program). CAMP program contains Daily Inspections, Hourly Inspections, Yearly Inspections and 5 Zone Inspections.



For Field Technicians, A Minimum of:
• FAA Airframe & Power Plant certificate

For Repair Station (BRO) Based Technicians:
• Virtually all personnel in engine and component overhaul and hangar assembly are FAA A&P certificated
• FAA certification is not required for select positions (paint, avionics, etc)



RLC maintenance instructors are qualified to teach courses on the Bell 206, Bell 407 and Sikorsky S‐76 aircraft, as well as Micro‐vibe & RADS training.

All newly hired maintenance personnel at RLC receive a minimum of 10 days of initial training which consist of policies and procedures designated by the OEM and the FAA as well as the RLC Bell 206, Bell 407 & S76 training courses and any other added procedures required by RLC based on our extensive operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

All maintenance personnel will progressively receive recurrent training every 12 calendar months from our dedicated maintenance training staff. Such training includes review, reinforcement and upgrade of all training in both company procedures and technical subjects.

RLC also has a 1 day lead mechanic training program that includes the following:
• Substance Abuse
• Personnel Conflicts
• Administrative Responsibilities

Initial Training
• 24 hours Initial Maintenance Training
• 4 hours OSHA Safety Training
• 24 hours Bell 206 Training
• 24 hours Bell 407 Training
• 36 hours Sikorsky S‐76 Training

• 16 hours classroom Training
• 4 hours OSHA safety training

• 8 hours classroom Training