RLC, the largest privately-held helicopter operator in the Gulf of Mexico, is committed to being the industry’s most efficient and customer-focused company. Serving high-performance energy services providers and oil and gas producers, RLC’s fleet of offshore-equipped helicopters transport personnel and equipment to offshore production platforms and drilling rigs with the highest levels of safety, performance and service. By going above and beyond every time, we help our customers move their businesses forward.

As a mid-sized player, we are more nimble, efficient and in tune with our customers’ business goals and how we can help achieve them. Our efficiency advantage plays out across our operation and can be seen in our strategically-positioned facilities, uniform helicopter fleet, comprehensive in-house maintenance infrastructure and our creative, flexible solutions.

Our commitment to delivering a competitive advantage to our customers attracts a certain kind of organization. RLC customers are leaders who are growing and setting the performance bar in their own industries. They like our entrepreneurial style and ability to adapt quickly to their changing needs. We’re proud to be the partner of choice for this very special breed of company. 

Founded in 1990, RLC is FAA certified to operate helicopter charters and leases under an FAR 135 certification. RLC is also certified by the FAA to provide full-service helicopter maintenance including parts, engine, component overhauls and avionics via its comprehensive repair services facility.